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Welcome to Jingoji Buddhist Temple!

It is our sincere wish that Jingoji will be a gateway for people from all walks of life to establish a karmic connection with the Lord Buddha. We hope to offer a place in which all people can feel welcome to engage in Buddhist practice, and experience the Lord Buddhafs empowerment.

About Jingoji:

Jingoji is a small temple located in Redmond, WA. Our temple is associated with the Koyasan Shingon School of Buddhism in Japan R^@. Originally Rev. Hosho Nishibu came to the Seattle area in 1998 as the resident priest of a local Japanese American temple (Seattle Koyasan Buddhist Church). After living in the city of Seattle for a while, Nishibu Sensei desired to establish a temple outside of the city in a quiet area that would be more suitable for Buddhist practice. In 2005 Rev. Nishibu settled on the current property in Redmond. On July 7, 2006 construction was finished on Jingojifs Hondo { (main hall), and an opening ceremony was held September 17, 2006.

Jingojifs Priests:

Rev. Hosho Nishibu is the head priest of Jingoji Buddhist Temple. Rev. Nishibu has been a Koyasan Shingon priest for over 40 years. He first came to Seattle from his home temple in Gifu Japan in 1998 as the resident priest of the Seattle Koyasan Buddhist Church. In 2002 he founded Jingoji Buddhist Temple. Rev. Nishibu came to the States with the desire to share Shingon Buddhism and Japanese culture with Americans.

Rev. Missho Malm is the assistant priest of Jingoji Temple. Missho has studied Buddhism under Rev. Nishibu since 1998; a few months after Nishibu Sensei came to the Seattle area. In 2000 Missho took novice ordination (Tokudo) under Rev. Nishibu at Hofukuji Temple in Gifu, Japan (Rev. Nishibufs home temple). Missho continued his training in Japan and graduated from the seminary school, Senshu Gakuin, on Mt. Koya in 2003 as a fully ordained Shingon priest.

Temple location:
502 Redmond-Fall City Redmond Rd. SE
Redmond, WA 98053

Phone: (425) 222-4710

e-mail: missho@jingoji.net

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