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30 minutes from Seattle, 10 minutes from I-90 EAST EXIT 18 (5.5 miles)

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Directions to Jingoji
From Seattle via SR-520:
1. Take the 202/Redmond Way Exit. Keep right at the fork in the ramp.
2. Turn right onto Redmond Way. Redmond Way will become Redmond-Fall City Rd. (SR-202).
3. Continue on SR 202 for approximately 9 miles.
4. Jingoji will be on your left hand side (about 1.5 miles past NE Tolt Hill Rd.).
From Seattle via I-90:
1. Take the Highland Dr. exit (exit # 18). Keep right at the fork in the ramp. Merge onto Highland Dr. NE.
2. Continue onto Highland Dr. NE for about 1.7 miles. Highland Dr. NE will become 238th Ave. SE.
3. Turn right at SE Issaquah-Fall City Rd; continue straight for about 5 miles. SE Issaquah-Fall City Rd. will become Duthie Hill Rd.
4. Turn left at SE Redmond-Fall City Rd. (SR-202).
5. Continue on SE Redmond-Fall City Rd. for about 1 mile. Jingoji will be on your right side (about 300 yards past SE 8th St.).

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